A radical far-left fringe of the Democratic Party has grown substantially in the eight years since avowed socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) campaigned for president.

The Democratic Socialists of America faction has grown to more than 90,000 members and more than 120 have been elected to public office, according to a report from New York Magazine.

Rooted in far-left principles, they are vocal proponents for measures like defunding police, imposing rent controls and enacting racial equity initiatives. Their foothold is strongest in historically Democratic strongholds.

With representatives in local, state and federal government, the DSA has become an active participant in shaping the Democratic Party’s direction, often nudging it further left than most members want.

Urban centers such as Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and Minneapolis have seen a pronounced DSA presence. DSA members have not wavered in calls for transformative policy shifts.

This evolving dynamic within the Democratic Party has led to rigorous debates and even outright confrontations, especially on polarizing subjects like the approach to policing and decisions about budgetary allocations.

Last year, some DSA chapters and members sought to oust New York Congressman Jamaal Bowman (D-NY 16th District) for his support of Israel. Rep. Bowman represented a large Jewish population in the Bronx before redistricting.


Bowman traveled to Israel to meet its new prime minister, Naftali Bennett, and voted to fund Israel’s Iron Dome defense system. Neither action endeared him to the socialists who supported him.

The NYC Democrat further refused to back the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement against Israel, earning him enmity from many DSA members, according to the NY Magazine report.

At least six members of the 51 on NYC’s city council belong to the DSA, according to a report from the Daily Caller.

The DSA members of the city council have attacked more moderate Democrats like Mayor Eric Adams, a former police officer, before the 2022 election elevated him to Gracie Mansion.

Adams proposed budget cuts for the city and has engaged progressive squad member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in Twitter feuds.

“A cis white man should not be the next speaker of the Council” proclaimed NYC councilman Chi Osse in a June 2021 Twitter post.

Democratic Socialist City Councilwoman Tiffany Caban opposed the 2023 budget proposed by Adams, calling proposed cuts “dangerous and cruel” in opposition to more moderate Democrats, the Daily Caller noted.

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