It was another bad moment for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell as he, after the public relations disaster that was his freezing and not speaking moment in the middle of a press conference, got heckled and shouted down by a crowd of Kentuckians who wanted him to retire and open up his seat to someone a bit younger and with fewer health problems.

The heckling came during Kentucky’s 2023 Fancy Farm Picnic, during which Sen. McConnell crawled his way through a five-minute speech as the crowd booed and chanted things like “lost the senate,” “retire,” and “ditch Mitch.” McConnell maintained a straight face and kept soldiering through the heckling, though the display of bipartisan disdain for Sen. McConnell in his home state was far more telling than anything he said.

TPUSA personality and YouTube star Benny Johnson tweeted out a video of Sen. McConnell’s attempt at a speech while getting heckled, saying, “WATCH: Mitch McConnell gets heckled by crowd during his speech for 5 MINUTES STRAIGHT. Chants of “RETIRE” and “Ditch Mitch” completely drown him out. TOTAL HUMILIATION.

Citizen Free Press tweeted out a video of the incident as well, saying, “McConnell mercilessly booed in his home state of Kentucky. Attendees yelled ‘retire’ and ‘ditch Mitch.‘” Watch that clip of the Kentucky incident here:

Interestingly, cries of “lost the Senate” indicate that Republicans were booing McConnell as well, so though one video of the incident makes it look like mainly Democrats were booing the aging Senator, fury over him losing the Senate for Republicans in 2022 would indicate that Republicans in his home state were upset with his performance as well.

Commenting on Benny’s video of the event, people argued that term limits would fix some of the major problems with the Congress, a topic Elon has discussed as well

, and that Sen. McConnell must be absolutely despised if people are willing to boo him for five minutes straight.

Making the claim about term limits, one commenter said, “Imagine how great America would be if we had term limits in Congress and establishment politicians like Mitch McConnell left office before their ability to function left them. That would be a utopia.

Then, making the point about the utter disdain people must have for McConnell, as shown by the booing, one commenter said, “Do you understand the level of hatred and animosity you must feel towards a person to boo them for five minutes? Most people get bored after about 30 seconds.”

Another speculated on why people dislike McConnell so much and returned to the term limits point, saying, “He is a corrupt globalist that goes to bat for the uniparty instead of the American people, he should be booed and is the perfect example of why we need term limits.

A few people, however, defended Mitch. Doing so, one commenter pointed out that we have him to thank for the current Supreme Court, saying, “You owe McConnell some respect. He is one of the people responsible for our current Supreme Court. How would you have liked having Merrick Garland on the court? Without Mitch standing strong, that would have happened. Mitch also got the 3 new conservative Justices ushered through the process with a simple majority vote.

Still, the overwhelming emotion, as shown by the video, was negative, as MAGA Republicans generally feel let down by McConnell and Democrats despise him for not letting that base down enough.

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