Vice President Kamala Harris has addressed recent polls which rank her as the least favorably viewed vice president in the history of modern polling, countering by asserting that there are polls in which her approval ratings are “great.”

During an interview with ABC News’ Linsey Davis, Harris was asked about these dismal approval figures, with a softball question which appeared to give Harris an easy out by blaming public scorn for her on her identity as a black woman.

“There are reports that say you have the lowest approval rating of any vice president. I’m curious—how much of a role, if any, that you feel race and gender play in that?” Davis asked the Vice President.

However, rather than taking the lifeline which Davis appeared to be offering her, Harris undermined the very premise of the question by insisting that her approval polling was more mixed, seemingly without counterevidence to Davis’ assumptions.

“Well, there are polls that also say I have great approval ratings,” Harris responded. “I think the point that has to be made is that there are attempts to create distractions away from the accomplishments of our administration.”


Harris finds herself grappling with the unenviable title of the lowest-rated Vice President in recorded American history. On a steady downward slope since her inauguration, Harris’ popularity, or rather lack thereof, is emerging as a cause for concern for the White House.

Harris then pivoted to gloat about the accomplishments of the Biden administration.

“We’ve created over 13 million jobs since we’ve been in office. Joe Biden and I have been responsible for 800,000 new manufacturing jobs in the United States, not to mention what we have done to restore America’s integrity on the international stage,” the unpopular vice president continued.

Despite this attempt to divert from the question, Harris’ consistently low approval ratings can hardly be ignored. From dealing with thorny policy matters to facing personal attacks on social media, Harris’ tenure in the Vice Presidency has been fraught with challenges. Her effectiveness, likeability, and political future remain uncertain as she continues to navigate the wilderness of public disapprobation.

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