A new political action committee in Texas is being funded by hard-left billionaire George Soros.

Fox News called Texas Majority PAC “a mysterious Texas entity working to build up progressive infrastructure.”

Federal Election Commission filings show that the Soros-backed Democracy PAC shipped $750,000 to the Texas Majority PAC in the first six months of this year.

With a separate filing showing the group raised $752,040 overall during those months, it appears Soros is its fiscal lifeline.

The website mobilize.us, which advertised a meeting between the new PAC and Dallas-area Democrats, said “Texas Majority PAC is a project started in 2023 focused on growing our Democratic majority and winning statewide elections.”

“Over the past few months, our team has been hard at work hosting listening sessions and researching what it’s going to take to turn Texas Blue.”

The group’s website says that “Texas Majority PAC is a project dedicated to electing a Democrat to statewide office in Texas. We are conducting research to understand what it will take to win the state.”

Fox News reported that the group was incorporated in December.

Fox said job postings call the group “a research and development institution dedicated to flipping Texas blue by building year-round Democratic infrastructure in the key regions of Texas.”


“TMP invests in partners running voter engagement and turnout programs in an effort to bring their work to the scale required to win statewide office in Texas,” Fox said the postings proclaim.

The PAC spent $600,000 in the first six months of this year.

In November, The Texas Tribune noted the extent to which turning Texas blue is an uphill battle as the 2022 election results came in.

“Voters returned GOP incumbents to their jobs at the top of the ticket and handed the state’s dominant party its 14th consecutive sweep of statewide offices,” the Tribune reported.

“Republicans also seemed poised to add slightly to their majorities in the Texas Legislature, where they’ve controlled both chambers for 20 years, and held large leads in all statewide judicial races.”

Soros invested $1 million last year in Democrat Beto O’Routke’s unsuccessful attempt to defeat Republican Gov. Greg Abbott, according to The Hill.

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