Joe Biden, headed out Friday for a 10-day vacation which is like the fourth time in a month where he’s taken time off.

Prior to that, he spent three weekends starting at the end of June at Camp David (two of which were with his son, Hunter) and another was spent kicking back at Rehoboth Beach, which we were told in so many words by U.S. officials equated to one “full day” of Biden being on “official business.”

But while such an explanation was an insult to the intelligence of American voters, especially those struggling to make ends meet who don’t have the luxury of being able to allegedly conduct “official business” on the beach, it along with Biden’s well-known penchant for embarrassing gaffes, flubs, sounding non-sensical, and looking lost, out of it, and generally confused has provided Biden, who is 80, with an inescapable issue heading into 2024:

Growing questions about his age, mental acuity, and physical stamina to hold the nation’s top office for another four years should he be re-elected.

It’s an ice-cold inconvenient reminder that Biden was hit with right off the bat as he began his latest round of “official (vacation) business,” courtesy of this reminder from RNC Research on a late June poll from NBC News:

It was reported last summer that the White House pays close attention to the RNC Research account – which is managed and run by the RNC – and it ranks as Team Biden’s least favorite Twitter page, which if you read between the lines is because of its effectiveness in disrupting official Democrat narratives about our fearless leader and his handlers and minions:

To be sure, Biden has faced persistent questions related to his age and health going back to the early days of his 2020 presidential campaign, questions that were first raised by Democrats and the media (shockingly enough).


But because he was purposely hidden in the basement a lot in 2020, the American people didn’t get to see as much for themselves how Biden can be his own worst enemy. But since he’s taken office, the voters have been able to witness firsthand what some have suggested is a deterioration of his physical and mental health, as the truth about Joe simply will not be contained.

Some of that is due to accounts like RNC Research, but most of it is due to the fact that this is who Joe Biden is, and the older he gets the more pronounced the problems become.

It should go without saying that the presidency is a tough job and requires a high level of physical stamina, mental competency, and emotional strength. Though Biden’s defenders including those in the MSM will gaslight and say that he’s doing just fine, the actual story is that in all probability it is those surrounding him doing all the heavy lifting while he appears in public every once in a while to try and put an “I’m okay” facade on it all.

But unfortunately for Joe Biden, the photos and videos don’t lie. He is, in my opinion, not well, and judging by all available polling on the subject, it would appear that majorities agree with that assessment – which is going to be a big problem for Biden heading into 2024.

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