Tens of thousands upon tens of thousands of illegal migrants are washing across the southern border in a massive tidal wave of migration and, to many on the right, it looks like the Biden Administration is doing nothing of note to stop those illegal immigrants from making it into the United States.

So, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is already on the wrong side of Republicans and their views of him were dimmed yet further by DHS’ involvement in the censorship industrial complex.

So, when he appeared for a hearing in the House, Wyoming Rep. Harriett Hageman, Liz Cheney’s replacement, absolutely hammered Mayorkas for his lies about what the DHS was up to and for what it was doing to silence dissidents.

Beginning, she accused him of lying from the start, saying, “Mr. Mayorkas, I actually really want to thank you, as well, for coming here today for your performance. I have watched with absolute fascination as you have danced and dodged and lied, yes, lied.

She continued, saying that the average American knows he lied and that the DHS is deeply involved in censoring Americans to benefit the regime. In her words: “We know you’ve lied. You know you’ve lied. But more importantly the American public knows you lied throughout your testimony today.  And yet you believe that you and your fellow architects of the censorship industrial complex think that you should be able to determine what is and isn’t true, and what is and isn’t untrue.”

Continuing, Rep. Hageman added that Mayorkas is the epitome of the sort of tyrant that the Founding Fathers fought against and designed the American system to protect against, saying, “You are the walking, talking, epitome of the very tyrant that our forefathers recognized would gravitate towards government service. And it’s because of people like you that they drafted the First Amendment.


She then threatened him with First Amendment-focused legal action meant to protect the free speech rights of ordinary Americans silenced by the censorship-industrial complex, saying, “I thank them for their foresight; I thank them for recognizing that you and people like you would do everything in your power to control speech, to control freedom, to take away our rights. And they’ve written a document that isn’t going to allow you to do that. Fortunately we still have courts and judges who recognize that you don’t have the power that you are attempting to take; that you do not have the right to limit our freedom of speech, our freedom of association, our right to communicate. Thank God we have the First Amendment so we can stop you from doing what you’ve been doing.

And while Hageman ripped Mayorkas for the censorship issue and his lies regarding it, Rep. Chip Roy of Texas shredded him for his lies about the border disaster. Watch that here:

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