Alyssa Farah Griffin laid down the rules for wives on Friday’s edition of “The View,” only to find out the show’s studio audience thought she was out of bounds.

The show was discussing traditional relationships, and juxtaposing that with women who wanted to be married and stay home to be a housewife, without children.

Griffin made her contempt for such a slacker very clear, according to Decider.

“She’s gonna need to be a trophy wife. A stay-at-home-mom, that is a job — taking care of kids,” Griffin said.

“Being home with no children, no work — you better be super fit because that’s all you’re bringing to the table. You’re not helping contribute to the rent or the mortgage or anything.”

As groans

 emerged from the audience, Griffin, in a moment of self-realization, said, “I’m sorry, that was shady?”

Co-host Joy Behar said the audience was “turning” on her.

Griffin said that from her perspective, a woman cannot be “a whole person” if she is just “sitting home waiting for the breadwinner.”

She suggested that a wife who does not work and has no children should work for a “charity” or “something in your community.”

Later on the show, Griffin said fulfillment is what counts, according to The Sun.

“My thought is general fulfillment… I think I’ll be like Joy, I wanna work forever,” she said.

“Working brings me fulfillment and happiness,” she started to continue until co-host Joe Behar cut her off.

“What makes you think I wanna work forever?” Behar, 80, said. “What are you, nuts?”

By way of redemption, Griffin later tried to reframe her comments on housewives from the perspective of fiscal autonomy.

“Women always need to have their own money. That’s what I don’t like about this,” she said.

“If you’re sitting home, he’s earning the money, you’re not taking care of the kids — if anything goes wrong or he mistreats you, you don’t have independence from him. That’s basically, I think, what bothers me about it,” she said.

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