According to the Daily Mail, the reason was left blank for the 911 call that reported Obama private chef Tafari Campbell’s drowning by Martha’s Vineyard police in official logs from the night of the accident.

On Sunday night, Campbell, 45, fell into the water while paddleboarding on Great Edgartown Pond. Police have confirmed that he was not in the water alone and that another person was paddleboarding with him, but they have refused to name the other individual. 

At 7:46 p.m., a 911 call was made to report that he had fallen in and could not make it back to the surface. The call is noted in Edgartown Police Department’s logs, but the reason for the call is left blank, while every other call that night had a given reason.

Additionally, the origin of the call is listed as Wilson’s Landing — a paddleboard launch site, about two miles from the Obamas’ house on Turkeyland Cove. Originally, Massachusetts State Police announced that the call came from the Obamas’ property, and Jesse Watters confirmed that when the story first broke, news outlets were told that the call was from the Obamas’ home. 

Edgartown Police Chief Bruce McNamee said that the call log is generated by the Dukes County Sheriff’s Office. He was unsure why the call reason was left blank, saying it could be because the caller from Obama’s property didn’t dial 911, which automatically generates location data, and instead made a direct call to a business line. 

McNamee also said that Wilson’s Landing was listed as the address because that was the public launch that used as the command post. He said that, when the call came in, authorities didn’t know where the drowning occurred, so they used the staging site for the location of the incident.


The Obamas’ property has a private beach from which a paddleboard could be easily launched. When the drowning occurred, police say that Barack and Michelle were out of the home. 

Dispatch calls between the emergency services on Martha’s Vineyard confirm there was a second paddleboarder on the water with him. Additionally, the original 911 call was made by a female, who, by 8:18 p.m., had gone out on the water in a boat going “back and forth” looking for Campbell. 

“We met with the reporting party, she is on a boat with two individuals and they’re going back and forth as well,” a rescuer said at 8:23 p.m. 

Both the other paddleboarder on the water, as well as the female caller remain unidentified. It’s unknown if they are the same person.

Twelve hours after falling into the water, Campbell’s body was recovered. He was found on Monday at 10 a.m., 100 feet from shore in around eight feet of water. Massachusetts State Police have ruled his death as not suspicious, as Campbell was retrieved from the water with no external injuries. 

The results of the toxicology test carried out during his autopsy have not yet been returned.

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