A 90-year-old woman’s life was saved in Durango, Colorado, after her local mail carrier noticed the accumulation of mail outside her residence, signaling something amiss, according to a Fox News report.

Seana Green, a USPS mail carrier for the past 15 years, noticed the mail piling up outside the home of Marilyn Schmidt, an elderly woman whom Green had developed a caring rapport with during her years on the job.

Recognizing the uncharacteristic situation, Green decided to investigate further, according to the report.

“I usually see her sitting on her porch and we chitchat a couple times a week,” Green said in an interview with The Durango Herald. “I didn’t see her on Thursday, Friday or Saturday.”

Green decided to knock on Schmidt’s door to check on the elderly woman, the Herald reported.

“She didn’t answer, so I knocked really loudly and started hollering toward the screen doors until there was a very weak answer from inside,” Green recounted.

The mail carrier said she found the front door unlocked, so she entered the home and followed a faint voice to the kitchen where she found Schmidt lying on the floor.

“She didn’t sound like herself,” Green said, “and so I knew that she had probably fallen or had an accident.”


The postal worker promptly called 911, a move that ended up saving Schmidt’s life. She was rushed to Mercy Medical Center where doctors confirmed the significance of Green’s quick thinking and actions.

Green said medical personnel suspect Schmidt remained in the same position on the floor that Green found her for approximately two days after she fell.

“It breaks my heart,” Green said. “I’m just glad I could find her.”

Schmidt did not suffer any injuries but is facing complications from dehydration, according to the Herald report. Green said Schmidt was moved from Mercy Hospital’s emergency room to the ICU a few days later.

The rescued woman celebrated turning 90-years-old with a chocolate ice cream cake during her hospital stay, according to a KOAT report.

“I am just so excited that it brought us together and that she and I got to know each other, that I could be there because now she gets to celebrate her 90th birthday,” Green said.

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