A U.S. Army General tragically lost his life at the age of 59 in an aviation accident on Thursday.

Major General Anthony Potts was killed in his plane near Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, according to information provided by the Harford County Sheriff’s Office. Potts, prior to this event, was recognized as a key figure in the U.S. Army’s acquisition operations.

The single-engine aircraft crash that claimed Potts’s life took place near 3600 Old Level Road in Havre de Grace. The Harford County Sheriff’s Office reported that Potts was the sole individual aboard the plane when it plummeted into a field on July 25.

The incident did not harm any bystanders. A robust team of first-responders was dispatched to locate the wreckage; the National Transportation Safety Board stated it is investigating the incident.

A native of Kentucky, Potts was on the verge of retirement after nearly four decades of dedicated military service. After being commissioned as an Army aviation second lieutenant in 1986, Potts served in operations Desert Shield, Desert Storm, Enduring Freedom, and Iraqi Freedom—his military career included leadership in an attack helicopter platoon based in Germany.


Before the unfortunate event, Potts was overseeing the Program Executive Office Command, Control, and Communications-Tactical, also known as PEO C3T.

His job involved the development, deployment, and support of battlefield communications gear. Previously, he was at the helm of PEO Soldier, a unit responsible for routine equipment like uniforms, body armor, night-vision devices, and firearms. Both roles were critical in safeguarding the troops and modernizing the Army’s combat strategies.

“He understands the modernization instrument and how it runs,” said Major General Robert Collins, Potts’ predecessor in PEO C3T, in remarks about Potts in June 2022. “And he certainly understands that the centerpiece of our modernization is our soldiers.”

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