A Fox Business anchor broke down in tears live on the air as he recounted a family experience while he was growing up. Charles Payne recalled how his family took a major financial risk when they bought a farm in Alabama in 1951.

During Payne’s Thursday town hall, titled “Maintaining Unstoppable Prosperity,” the host encouraged viewers not to fear taking financial risks when investing in the market. To drive his message home, Payne shared a personal story about his grandparents, reading the deed and describing the sacrifices they made to acquire the 60 acres of land they purchased in the early 1950s.

Payne told the audience that a family member finally found the deed to his grandparents’ farm, adding that they were “a black family that saved up everything.”

“I got to share some of this with you because it is so powerful for anyone out there that thinks buying Amazon is a great risk. They gave everything they have for the property,” Payne said before reading the deed.

“It says, ‘we do hereby grant bargain and sell and convey unto the to the seller to describe the personal property and crops which are owned by us freely. One red horse mule named Red. One gray horse mule named Jack. One two-horse wagon, one hay mover, one hay press, nine head of mixed cattle, a cell hog, some wagons, mowers, presses,” the host added, as his voice began to shake.

“My grandparents gave everything. Everything they had. They worked their a** off for years, and they gave it all for 60 acres to have their own. That’s a risk, folks. That’s a risk. I’m so grateful,” he said.

In February, Payne got into a heated on-air exchange with now-former Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera after the latter made a goofy statement and then an outright false claim during a segment on “Hannity” over President Joe Biden’s trip to Ukraine.

Hannity argued that the president was not doing enough to assist Ukraine after he nixed a deal to send Polish fighter jets to the war-torn nation this year.


“If we’re going to give $120 billion to Ukraine and then Joe Biden has now not once, but a number of times, he has vetoed other European countries from giving fighter jets so that they can compete with Putin in the air,” the host said. “And there’s no reason to do that except, he’s not fighting to win the war.”

“It’s a proxy war,” Payne, who is a host on Fox Business, said. “I think the administration’s happy if it’s just bogged down. If you can bog Russia down, they lose a lot of people.”

“The only thing I did not like about President Biden’s visit was the air raid sirens. That was the most phony baloney stuff. The air raid sirens hadn’t gone on ’cause they hadn’t gone off for five days. It was …” Payne said before Rivera interrupted by saying, “They’ve lost 100,000 people.”

“Air raid sirens had not gone off in that city in five days. It was phony baloney Hollywood junk,” Payne said.

“I absolutely disagree,” Rivera snapped back.

“They didn’t need that,” Payne insisted.

“That is a little partisan jab that you didn’t have to make. They have lost 100,000–,” Rivera said

“Russia was notified that Biden was coming. Do you think Russia was gonna drop a bomb on President Biden?!” Payne exclaimed.

“Russia was not notified,” Rivera said.

“Yes they were!” Payne said, which was true.

“We did notify the Russians that President Biden would be traveling to Kyiv. We did so some hours before his departure for deconfliction purposes,” National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan told reporters in a press briefing, ABC News reported at the time.

“Because of the sensitive nature of those communications, I won’t get into how they responded or what the precise nature of our message was. But I can confirm that we provided that notification,” he added.

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