At this point, it is quite obvious that President Joe Biden’s mental health is a serious concern. So obvious, in fact, that it hardly merits taking the time to point out.

Yet, despite all the embarrassing gaffes and speaking mistakes, each one more bizarre than the last, Biden always manages to find a way to lower the bar even further.

Biden’s Tuesday speech at the White House about improving access to mental healthcare provided just another example of just how gone his mind truly is.

During his speech, the president claimed that his administration ended cancer.

“I said I’d cure cancer and they looked at me like, ‘Why cancer?’” Biden told the audience. “Because no one thinks we can, that’s why. We can. We ended cancer as we know it.”

Yes, Biden actually said this statement at the White House to a room full of reporters. He claimed that cancer, a disease that millions of Americans are suffering from, was cured by his administration.

Of course, many people reacted to the bizarre statement by the president by lamenting just how low the prestige of our nation has fallen on Biden’s watch. One Twitter user wrote, “We are an international joke.”

Another Twitter user responded to the comment by sarcastically asking when this happened.

Now cancer is one of the biggest public health issues of our age, in fact, it might be the biggest one. If cancer really was ended by the Biden administration, then it would be headline news for days and Biden would go down as one of the greatest presidents ever.

But of course, everyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that that is not true. Cancer is still a very serious problem in America and around the world, and millions of people are undergoing treatment for it.

But this is Biden we are talking about. It is possible that he merely misspoke, but given his mental state, however, he may actually believe that his administration ended cancer.

Biden’s strange belief that cancer is over only further throws into doubt his fitness to hold the office of the presidency.

As time goes on, we will probably see more bizarre and embarrassing comments from the president.

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