Since “parting ways” with its most popular host, Tucker Carlson, earlier this year, Fox News has faced massive backlash from its conservative audience.  However, popular host Greg Gutfeld still appears to be well-liked by fans, some even labeling him as the “last trustworthy person” on the network.

Gutfeld received praise after a viral segment featured the host defending Jason Aldean and going after the woke left for trying to cancel the country star.  Jason Aldean has endured backlash from the woke, cancel culture mob over the past week after his new song “Try That in A Small Town” and accompanying music video.

Aldean’s song has been dubbed as “anti-rioting” and pro-law and order, where the music video features actual footage from the 2020 riots.  The song’s lyrics slam the all-too-common behaviors of rioters, such as assaulting and disrespecting police officers, destroying the U.S. flag, and other general chaos and disorder.  In the music video, these lyrics are complimented with actual footage of such urban decay.

The song implies that these rioters should not “try that in a small town” as such disorder would quickly be dealt with by residents who have no patience or tolerance for such un-American behavior.  Although, Aldean has come out defending his lyrics and music video by stating it is not calling out a particular group or individual but rather the overall behavior that has been observed in recent years.

Speaking on “The Five” about the song, Gutfeld praised the anti-rioting content of Jason Aldean’s song, stating“No, it’s a good message. It stops it.”  He also joked about the video being a “tourism video” for those living in urban areas that have faced such unrest, alleging that small towns would be alluring for their safety, orderly behavior, and lack of violent crime.


“But you could argue like when you hear those, those lyrics, that that that video was actually like a tourism video for people living in the city to move. It’s like you know what you who you know, this is that stuff there that **** will not happen here,” Gutfeld said. A co-host added that, “everybody’s feelings in the city are hurt by this.”

Co-host Jessica Tarlov seemed to disagree with Gutfeld on some aspects of the song and music video. “Your good message is my vigilantism. I would also say that I do think it’s a strange choice to perform this in front of a courthouse where a boy was lynched, an 18-year-old was lynched in 1927,” she said.  Gutfeld offered a rebuttal stating, “You think he knows that?”

One user on Twitter commented on the segment claiming, “Greg Gutfeld is probably the last trustworthy person left at Fox News. Not many on the network will tell the truth and speak their minds.” Other Twitter users seemed to with this commenter.  Another person added, “Good for Greg Gutfeld! I don’t know who this Tarlov is, but the person sounds like an idiot. Apparently, because something bad happened in front of this courthouse (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth) no one is supposed to film anything there and we’re all supposed to know that.”

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