After Kamala Harris accused the state of Florida of trying to “rewrite the horrors of slavery” with its history program, Florida Governor and 2024 GOP hopeful Ron DeSantis hit back on Twitter, accusing the Cackler-in Chief of lying about Florida’s history program and what it teaches kids about American history.

Kamala began the fight on Twitter, posting, “I’ll be on the ground in Florida tomorrow. We’re fighting back against attempts to gaslight us, cover up our history, and rewrite the horrors of slavery. @POTUS and I will always stand up for fundamental freedoms, including the freedom to learn and teach America’s full history.”

DeSantis fired back with two tweets, first accusing her of lying about Florida, then blasting the Biden Administration for its many failures, then finally getting in a jab about Biden refusing to acknowledge Hunter’s illegitimate child.

First, he ripped Kamala for lying and explained why Kamala and those like her make things up about Florida, saying, “Democrats like Kamala Harris have to lie about Florida’s educational standards to cover for their agenda of indoctrinating students and pushing sexual topics onto children. Florida stands in their way and we will continue to expose their agenda and their lies.

Then he followed that up with his recital of Team Biden’s policy failures and a snide remark about Hunter’s illegitimate daughter, saying, “The Harris-Biden administration is obsessed with Florida…yet they ignore the chaos at the border, crime-infested cities, economic malaise, and the military recruitment crisis. Maybe if Biden’s granddaughter moved to Florida he’d actually visit her.

It wasn’t just DeSantis that blasted Kamala for her remark. Commenting on her post, other furious conservatives did as well. One, for example, said

, “Your record of “advocating” for black Americans speaks for itself. You spent 27 years enforcing laws that targeted Black and brown communities through mass incarceration—including the “three strikes law” implemented in 1994 and the “stop and frisk” policy. And you jailed over 127,000 black and Hispanic people in CA.

Another said, “When will you or @JoeBiden go to the actual crisis areas of the Southern Border where human traffickers, rapists, cartel members and fentanyl is pouring in ?BOTH of you are responsible for this crisis we are in and there needs to be some accountability. YOU both are gaslighting America and we are sick & tired of it…#CrimesAgainstHumanity #BidenCrimeFamily

Kamala didn’t back down, however. In a second tweet, she said, “Extremist so-called leaders are already banning books. Now, they want to replace history with lies. Let’s be clear: This is not only about the state of Florida. There is a national agenda afoot.”

That Kamala claim got shredded as well, with commenters saying things like “Pornography and race essentialism has no place in our public schools. Place work on securing our southern border. Thank you” and “Kamala Harris is once again lying about Florida because it’s exposed the perverse sexualizing of children that Democrats are engaged in. Porn books are inappropriate for children’s schools yet that’s what she wants to see in them. Kamala is immoral and wrong on so many levels.”

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