Internal Revenue Service whistleblower Joseph Ziegler spoke out on Wednesday, providing new information on the alleged corruption of businessman and drug enthusiast Hunter Biden.

Ziegler and fellow whistleblower Gary Shapley appeared before the House Ways and Means Committee on Wednesday, raising allegations against the Department of Justice, which is led by U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland, for hindering crucial aspects of the investigation into Hunter Biden.

During the hearing, Ziegler was asked by CBS News reporter Cartherine Herridge, who asked, “Did you uncover evidence that President Biden financially benefited from his son’s deals?”

“I don’t feel comfortable answering that question,” Ziegler said in response. “Any time we potentially wanted to go down the road of asking questions related to the president, it was, ‘That’s gonna take too much approvals, we can’t ask those questions.’ And I mean, it created an environment that was very hard to deal with.”

Ziegler continued, saying that when he tried to press the issue, he was met by his superiors with a response of “Let’s put that on the back burner.”


He asserted that the only question which mattered to him was whether the IRS was treating all taxpayers the same — and the whistleblower alleged that the IRS had failed to do so.

Ziegler also expressed his wish to interview Hunter Biden’s adult children, noting that “a lot of the business deductions, expenses, [were] related to the adult children.”

However, Ziegler said, “We never received the approvals to talk to those people,” allegedly because the assistant U.S. attorney told him that doing so would get them “into hot water.”

“Is that in the IRS handbook, avoiding hot water?” Herridge asked.

“No, but I mean, I was asking to do these certain things and roadblock after roadblock was put up in front of me,” Ziegler responded.

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