I don’t know how your Thursday went, but it had to be better than Hunter Biden’s.

For instance, Senate Oversight Committee Republicans released a form documenting an FBI informant’s allegations regarding Biden’s work with Ukraine energy giant Burisma; during the interview, the informant alleged that Burisma founder and CEO Mykola Zlochevsky paid $10 million in bribes to Hunter and father Joe Biden and thought Hunter was stupider than his dog but necessary to smooth things over in Washington.

Later in the day, the New York Post reported that on the same day it started its series of reports into the contents on Hunter Biden’s laptop back in October 2020 — and was subsequently locked out of its Twitter account and censored by the social media giant — a senior FBI official confirmed the contents of the laptop were genuine to Twitter officials.

As the Post noted, that was “the first article in its bombshell reporting series on documents linking President Biden to his son’s foreign business deals” — among them Burisma.

So, all in all, a bad day — and to hear Hunter Biden tell it, he’s pretty much broke now, having assumedly squandered what he made on drugs, late taxes and sex workers.

According to the first son’s favorite Gotham-area paper, Hunter “was spotted Thursday enjoying a lavish lunch at Malibu hotspot Nobu as news swarmed of the newly unveiled bombshell FBI informant file describing a $10 million bribery allegation against him and his presidential father.” (Subscribe

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“The scandal-riddled first son appeared unbothered leaving the swanky beachside spot that’s co-owned by Robert De Niro — and Japanese A5 Wagyu sells for $38 an ounce, king crab tempura goes for $58 and a lobster shiitake salad will set diners back $72,” the report said.

“Biden hid behind a pair of aviators and a camouflage baseball cap bearing the emblem from the California state flag,” it said.

Well, one understands the need for indulgences when one is having a bad day — but perhaps a chocolate bar might have done better than, say, eating at one of Malibu’s most famous restaurants.

This is especially true given 1) the price of what’s on the menu and 2) another one of Hunter’s scandals, this one relating to how much child support he pays.

As you may know, Hunter Biden is the rather unwilling father of a child named Navy Joan Roberts, born in 2018. He very reluctantly submitted to a DNA test that proved he was the father and later claimed in his autobiography that he was so far gone on drugs he didn’t even remember the sexual encounter that led to her siring.

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