President Joe Biden overruled a Pentagon recommendation and nominated U.S. Navy Admiral Lisa Franchetti as his nominee to become the next chief of naval operations.

If confirmed, Franchetti would become the first female officer in U.S. history to lead the Navy and also join the military’s joint chiefs of staff.

This decision overruled Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin’s choice of Admiral Samuel Paparo for the position, according to a Washington Post report.

Franchetti, an experienced naval officer who currently holds the role of vice chief of naval pperations, has clocked in 38 years of service and is set to replace the retiring CNO, Admiral Mike Gilday.

Despite the historic nature of Franchetti’s nomination, its confirmation may encounter hurdles due to ongoing political objections from Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL).

He has currently placed a hold on senior military nominations in protest of Pentagon policies that pay for a service members or their dependents travel expenses for out-of-state abortions, a hold which has already left the Marine Corps without a commandant.

What Senator Tuberville is doing is not only wrong — it is dangerous,” said Biden. “In this moment of rapidly evolving security environments and intense competition, he is risking our ability to ensure that the United States Armed Forces remain the greatest fighting force in the history of the world.”


“And his Republican colleagues in the Senate know it.”

The president further pressed the Senate to move swiftly on Franchetti’s confirmation along with other military nominations currently on hold. Among them is Air Force General Charles Q. Brown Jr. to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

If Gen. Brown, a black man, is eventually appointed chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, it would be another milestone in diversity by Biden. U.S. military forces would be led by black men for the first time in history.

The White House claims diversity gives the U.S. a “strategic advantage,” but Republican critics are concerned the Biden administration is more concerned about being “woke” than ensuring military effectiveness.

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