Another video clip featuring some bizarre behavior involving President Joe Biden is going viral.

Biden was meeting in the Oval Office with Israeli President Isaac Herzog on Tuesday when he dipped his head, appeared to be mumbling and leading many observers to wonder if he was falling asleep.

In addition, Biden looked to be relying on note cards while Herzog did not, which created a stunning visual contrast.

The Israeli leader described the meeting as “wonderful” to NBC News, but according to the video clip that went viral, when Biden was mumbling, Herzog appeared to simply be agreeing with him.

Meanwhile, the issue of Herzog being invited to the White House and not the actual leader of Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was itself a matter of controversy.

But it comes as the U.S. relationship with Israel is at an ebb under the Biden administration after he openly criticized Netanyahu’s judicial overhaul.

In March, Biden was asked if he planned to invite Netanyahu to the White House, and he responded, “Not in the near term,” which led to criticism of him in Israel. But Biden did invite the prime minister on Monday during a phone call.

Twitter users responded to the ‘sleepy Biden’ video with brutal frankness.

“Imagine watching this video and then thinking to yourself ‘yep. I want four more years of that,’” Greg Price noted, The Western Journal noted.

Fox News host Harris Faulkner wrote, “Someone please check on the President. Seriously.”

Benny Johnson mocked: ” When there is no more cocaine in the White House.”

A June survey found that most voters are very or somewhat concerned about Biden’s mental health and fitness heading into the 2024 election.

According to a new national survey conducted for NBC News, more than two-thirds of registered voters, or 68 percent, said they have moderate to major concerns about Biden “not having the necessary mental and physical health” to be president, a staggering 17-point increase from when voters were asked the same question in October 2020.


“The new poll shows 32% of voters said they have little to no real concerns, which is a drop from the 48% of voters who responded similarly in October 2020, roughly a month before the November presidential election that year,” the Daily Wire reported, citing the survey.

The same survey found a lower percentage of voters — but still a majority at 55 percent — felt the same about former President Donald Trump, who just turned 77.

A survey published in May revealed similar findings and sentiments about Biden.

According to an NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll, a majority of Americans, by a 62 percent-to-36 percent margin, think Biden does not have the mental capacity to continue serving as president beyond his first term.

“Biden did, however, actually see a slight increase in his approval rating to 45%, up 4 points from last month. That indicates there will likely be a significant number of people who believe there are serious concerns about Biden’s mental fitness but will vote for him anyway,” NPR reported.

Trump, who is the current 2024 GOP frontrunner, did better, with 52 percent saying it was a concern compared to 43 percent who said it isn’t.

Earlier in May, Biden appeared to require assistance leaving a stage after delivering a speech and ending hit with a strange statement.

Biden’s speech at the National Safety Communities Summit in Connecticut was on gun control, a favored policy among Democrats and certainly his administration. Before he left the stage, the president thanked the attendees for coming and said, “God save the queen, man.”

“But the scene became even more bizarre immediately following the gaffe. Biden seemed unaware of where he should exit, pointing at the people off-stage and asking them where he should go,” the Western Journal reported. “Eventually, an aide came up and helped him off, and Biden awkwardly jogged across the stage to make an exit.”

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