Georgia Stae Rep. Mesha Mainor made headlines when she announced last week that she was leaving the Democratic Party — and in the days since, she has received a virtual tidal wave of hate mail, much of it overtly racist and profane.

Mainor shared some of the emails she’d received — riddled with nasty language and racist epithets — in a series of screenshots on Twitter.

“Dear Democrat, Sorry you feel this way,” Mainor captioned the screenshot of one email.

I would like to help your retarded black a** by telling you. That saying you would support any candidate picked by the GOP during the primary is retarded. Not only is is retarded you live up to the word n****r by just following blindly. Remember you were a Democrat and “felt abandoned” to become a Republican, and now you’re going to follow blindly like you did with your party. You’re the stain on society that needs to be flushed. I wish you the absolute worst in your political history. You Uncle Tom b****.


“Sorry you feel that way. And thank you to the HUNDREDS sending well wishes,” Mainor captioned another.

You dumb** aunt Jemima mother f***ing traitor! I will be sure to take a good chunk of my retirement savings, which is substantial, and will donate it to whoever it is that will be running against you, you self-hating black negress b****.

Oh, yo’ll see come 2024 how I will help to make sure you are defeated! Go run in a Republican confederate district that loves self-hating n****rs lie you!“Dear Democrat, I’m sorry you feel this way. Support for anyone with thoughts of self- harm can be accessed by calling #988,” Mainor captioned one that advised her and all Republicans to kill themselves.

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