“The Breakfast Club” is a live radio show know for its leftist politics that is based in New York City and is hosted by “Charlamagne Tha God.” During a recent broadcast of the show, host “Charlamagne Tha God” tore into the Biden White House over the cocaine found in it recently.

Particularly, he ridiculed the idea that the Secret Service has no idea who brought the illicit narcotic into the White House and that the investigation is still inconclusive, saying that the White House is covered in security cameras so there’s definitely a suspect. Speaking about that, he said, “Do you mean to tell me that there’s a room in the White House with no video cameras? Ain’t no damn way. Knock it off.

That came after one of the show’s correspondents, Tezlyn Figaro, said that the White House had been unable to find anyone despite the security measures in place at the facility. In his words: “They’re not able to identify the responsible person. They said that this cocaine was in an area that they did not have any video surveillance.”

For reference, the Secret Service said it reviewed everything it had for the White House in an investigation, saying, “This review included a backwards examination that spanned several days prior to the discovery of the substance and developed an index of several hundred individuals who may have accessed the area where the substance was found.” Continuing, it added that its investigators developed “a pool of known persons for comparison of forensic evidence gleaned from the FBI’s analysis of the substance’s packaging.

But, it claimed, the examination of the cocaine and its packaging “did not develop latent fingerprints and insufficient DNA was present for investigative comparisons.

” Because of that, the agency said, “the Secret Service is not able to compare evidence against the known pool of individuals.

Another commenter on the radio program jumped in to give his thoughts on the issue. That was show guest Chico Beam, who argued that it is hypocritical and a double standard for the White House and law enforcement to let someone within it get away with cocaine use while many Americans rot in jail for possessing the drug.

First of all, I’m born and raised in Washington, D.C. — if they letting people get away with cocaine, let my people outta jail,” he said. Continuing, he added, “What is up with that? That’s crazy! You know how many people have been arrested in the District of Columbia for cocaine? They done found it in the White House and they can’t figure out who it is it belonged to. That’s crazy, man. That is ridiculous.

Bean also said, when other incidents involving narcotics in the White House were being discussed, primarily by Charlamagne Tha God, “See, that’s crazy. That is amazing, man, that they done locked up all them D.C. residents for cocaine, and they then found it in the White House and they can’t find who had it in the actual White House.

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