Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley said Friday that “someone very close” to President Joe Biden was responsible for the cocaine found in the White House.

The Secret Service confirmed that a quantity of cocaine was discovered in the White House prior to July 4, prompting an evacuation and the deployment of hazardous materials teams.

The investigation concluded Thursday without discovering the identity of the person responsible for leaving the illegal drug in the White House.

A Secret Service spokesperson stated: “The Secret Service has conducted a thorough investigation into this matter. The investigation, which has been concluded, did not reveal a person of interest.”

As RMT previously reported, “the Secret Service spokesperson directed those desiring additional information to the Secret Service, who has no information to share: ‘Further questions regarding this investigation should be directed to the Secret Service,’ the spokesperson said.”

The substance was discovered in a cubby hole in the West Wing, an area frequented by visitors who store their belongings there during tours, according to Reuters. Its presence has raised serious questions about the integrity of security measures within one of the most secure buildings in the world.

Despite a comprehensive review of surveillance footage and visitor logs, as well as conducting tests on the suspicious powder, the Secret Service reported they did not find any physical evidence or leads to pinpoint who brought the cocaine into the building.


“I’ve been to that area. It is the most secure area anywhere, because this is where I on the National Security Council with other members of national security met with the president,” Haley, a former ambassador to the United Nations, told Tucker Carlson, a co-founder of the Daily Caller and Daily Caller News Foundation.

“You discuss the most secure things. I know the area where the locker is,” Haley added. “People don’t just go in and out of there. It is either the president, the vice president, cabinet, developed cabinet members or deputy directors, nobody else is going in there.”

“There are absolutely cameras in there, so I will tell you, I strongly believe this is a cover-up… for either Hunter or someone very close to the president, and they don’t want to say who it is,” Haley continued.

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