Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom has threatened a school district in his state for not adopting a curriculum that celebrates gay-rights icon and child sexual predator Harvey Milk.

The Temecula Valley School Board in Riverside County voted in May not to adopt some materials in a textbook that celebrates Milk — the first openly gay elected official in California’s history.

Milk is celebrated as a martyr for the LGBT community, while his murky history is often ignored by those who push him on the rest of the world.

Actor Sean Penn played the former San Francisco Board of Supervisors member in a 2008 film about him.


The film didn’t mention Milk’s documented sexual relationship with a child — 16-year-old Jack McKinley in 1964 — nor McKinley’s later suicide.

People who celebrate California’s annual Harvey Milk Day also generally shy away from mentioning his association with deranged cult leader Jim Jones — who convinced or compelled 918 people to poison themselves in the Jonestown cult in Guyana in 1978.

Milk was assassinated a week after the mass suicide.

Given the concerning realities about who Milk truly was, educators in Temecula decided to avoid the Kool-Aid and not force young children in community classrooms to celebrate him.

Adults who care about children looked at Milk and one of them, school board president Dr. Joseph Komrosky, deemed him a “pedophile” during a board meeting.

Another member of the board later said, “As a father, I find it morally reprehensible to include someone in the content of K through 5 curriculum that was a known pedophile.”

In May, the school board — led by Komrosky — voted to leave supplementary materials about Milk out of classrooms as it prepares to adopt a new book called “Social Studies Alive!”

The decision was followed by predictable calls of “book banning,” which were repeated by KTLA-TV in its reporting of the standoff between Sacramento and one sane area of California.

On Thursday, Newsom was so triggered by the actions of Temecula’s school board that he threatened them on Twitter.

“If these extremist school board members won’t do their job, we will — and fine them for their incompetence,” Newsom wrote.

Being of the opinion that men in their thirties who groom teens for sex should be celebrated, the radical governor said his state is “stepping in” to intervene.

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