A 25-year-old Long Island woman recounted an unsettling encounter from earlier this month with Rex Heuermann, the prime suspect in the Gilgo Beach serial murders case.

The woman, whom the New York Post only identified by her first name, Ally, was reportedly approached by Heuermann at Brady Park.

The woman said the 59-year-old architect’s odd conduct left her shaken and she later reported the encounters with the man to police.

According to her account, Heuermann approached her on numerous occasions, pressed her with personal inquiries and had an unsettling knack for emerging from the woodland unexpectedly.

In response to the eerie encounters, she called her sister for a ride home and remained so rattled, she filed a report with local law enforcement.

Roughly two weeks after the incident, the Long Islander reported feeling shock when Heuermann was apprehended for his alleged connection to the notorious Gilgo Beach homicides.

She was not the only one frightened by the New York City architect.

“We would cross the street,” Nicholas Ferchaw, a 24-year-old neighbor of Heuermann’s told The New York Times. “He was somebody you don’t want to approach.”


Residents from the Massapequa, New York, community where he lived expressed shock after police charged Heuermann for multiple murders more than a decade after finding a string of dead women along Gilgo Beach.

“I wasn’t surprised at all,” Ferchaw claimed, “because of all the creepiness.”

The case, which involves the unsolved murder of several women, has sent shockwaves through the community. Heuermann pleaded not guilty to charges that include first-degree homicide, the Post report noted.

Law enforcement’s apprehension of Heuermann, a New York City architect and father of two, was linked to the victims known as the “Gilgo Four.” The discovery of DNA evidence on a discarded pizza crust served as a crucial piece of evidence leading to his arrest.

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