Vice President Kamala Harris is finding herself the subject of mockery online after a strange statement about air travel.

While her boss is known the world over for his embarrassing gaffes, Harris is no stranger to making bizarre comments herself, as her constant word salads and dubious personal stories have made her seem just as ridiculous as the president.

But this latest statement from the vice president goes beyond just bizarre and into the realm of the nonsensical.

On Tuesday, Harris took to Twitter to complain about the state of airplane restrooms, saying, “The majority of domestic flights do not have accessible restrooms. This is absolutely unacceptable. Our Administration will soon announce a solution to help end this inequity.”

This statement makes absolutely no sense. Every single commercial flight, whether international or domestic, has several restrooms that are very easy for passengers to access.

Anyone who has flown on an airplane can testify to this. Naturally, many people took to Twitter to mock the vice president for her apparent ignorance about air travel.


One Twitter user simply wrote, “This is nonsense. What are you talking about?”

Perhaps she means that most airplanes do not have bathrooms that are big enough for handicapped people to use. Nonetheless, many people chastised her and the Biden administration for wasting time on this when there are really serious problems facing the nation.

These people are absolutely right. Yes, airlines should work to make onboard restrooms more accessible for disabled people, but that is their problem, it should not be the top priority of the Biden administration.

When there is a crisis at the southern border, runaway inflation, violent crime, and the growing threat of another world war, the focus on airplane restrooms is a bad look for the Biden administration.

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