Abbe Lowell, an attorney representing President Joe Biden’s son Hunter Thursday sent a cease-and-desist letter to former President Donald Trump.

Lowell claimed Trump’s rhetoric on social media may inspire injury to Hunter Biden or his family, according to an ABC News report.

The younger Biden’s attorney accused Trump of defaming and harassing his client on social media on an almost-daily basis since his indictment. The letter was delivered to four of the 45th president’s current attorneys.

“I am sending you this letter to make a demand that your client, former President Donald Trump, cease and desist from making public statements about my client which are both defamatory and likely to incite Mr. Trump’s followers to take actions against Mr. Biden and which could lead to his or his family’s injury,” Lowell wrote.

According to NBC News, Lowell referred to a specific post on Trump’s Truth Social platform and highlighted the possible real-world repercussions of Trump’s rhetoric, calling upon previous instances of political violence.

This cease-and-desist follows Hunter Biden’s plea agreement with U.S. attorney David Weiss, where he admitted to misdemeanor tax violations. Legal analysts believe these charges are unlikely to result in imprisonment.


However, Trump and his allies have drawn comparisons between Hunter Biden’s case and their own legal troubles, implying the Biden family is receiving preferential treatment.

Lowell expressed astonishment at the necessity of sending the cease-and-desist, considering Trump’s existing legal difficulties. He urged an end to further incitement.

Despite this recent move by Hunter Biden’s legal counsel, critics argue that the cease-and-desist order is a tool to quash scrutiny of Hunter Biden’s actions, particularly regarding allegations of drug use and corruption.

Kash Patel, former chief of staff at the Pentagon and former deputy director of national intelligence, exclusively told Breitbart News the letter is not a substantive legal request.

“Abbe is a fantastic attorney, this sort of filing is a public plea, rather than a substantive legal request,” said Patel. “It only provides the media with meaningless fodder to attack President Trump, and in true lackey fashion, they will all follow suit.”

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