Watch: Biden Nearly Biffs It Going Up the Short Stairs of Air Force One – ‘Holding On for Dear Life’

Joe Biden’s performance as president has been so bad, it’s become newsworthy when he avoids committing an embarrassing error in public.

On Thursday, in order to board Air Force One, Biden had to complete a task which has become a consistent source of difficulty for him — the incumbent president had to ascend a set of stairs.

Thank goodness Biden’s handlers recently determined he cannot handle the dramatic, long stairway presidents usually use when entering or exiting the plane. Even on the alternative short steps Biden now uses, he almost took a spill. It appeared the only thing keeping him upright was a death grip on the banister rail.

“Holding on for dear life,” is how the Citizen Free Press captioned the clip on Twitter, accompanied by David Lee Roth’s jaunty cover version of “Just a Gigolo.”

RNC Research gave a more straightforward take on the “will he or won’t he” drama that now occurs whenever Biden is seen walking, but it still wasn’t a particularly glowing assessment of the incumbent president.


“Biden stumbles a bit as he boards Air Force One — using the smaller stairs — en route to the United States. He took no questions.”

Their version of the clip includes footage of Biden awkwardly stopping and waving from the doorway before disappearing into the interior of the plane.

When presidential coverage has to include whether or not the supposed leader of the free world managed to avoid a face plant during a routine appearance, it’s not a good look. To the chagrin of Biden and his team, his record of physical and mental slips makes the topic particularly relevant.

Recent Biden stumbles and tumbles include a particularly embarrassing incident at U.S. Air Force Academy commencement in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in June, which revealed Biden was wearing some kind of enhanced shoes. Social media users conjectured their strange design was meant to help prevent mishaps. They did not work.

In February Biden fell up the long stairs of Air Force One.

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