Joe Biden is on the last day of his European trip in Helsinki, Finland for the U.S.-Nordic Leaders’ Summit.

He’s been having a difficult time, being led around by the other foreign leaders, even with them having to physically move him into place. On Wednesday, he couldn’t even get Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s name right and snapped at a reporter who dared to ask Zelensky how soon after the war was over would he want to join NATO.

But one of the other points of Biden’s trip was to talk about climate change. As he explained on his last day in Lithuania, “We all must summon the common will to address the existential threat.”

“It’s real! It’s serious! We don’t have a lot of time! It’s the, the single greatest threat to humanity!” Biden trumpeted.

In Helsinki, he reiterated the emergency, albeit in a calmer tone.

“It’s the only existential threat humanity faces, and we don’t have a lot of time,” Biden said.

It’s obviously an incredible emergency if we don’t have a lot of time — we must summon that common will, Joe says.

So I have a question for Joe Biden. If it’s such an emergency that we all must get on board with addressing it, why were you tooling around Helsinki in a huge 39-car gas-guzzling motorcade? They fly the huge SUVs in, too, requiring more planes, not just Air Force One.


Also, what happened to white supremacy and nukes? Biden seems to have tossed those threats to the side except when he needs to pull them out to pander to whatever audience he’s talking with at the time.

As we noted when he had the motorcade in Lithuania, it’s yet another example of rules for thee, not for me. If we all must summon the common will, why doesn’t he start first? Why must all the regular people comply with his dictates, but not him? Kind of makes you think he truly doesn’t believe the end is near.

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