House Speaker Kevin McCarthy announced Wednesday that House Republicans have raised over $62 million so far during the 2024 election cycle, which is a record for this point in the campaign.

The GOP set the record thanks to a $21.7 million haul during the second quarter that ended June 30.

In a Fox Business Network interview, McCarthy told host Maria Bartiromo that Republicans’ fundraising success is a measure of support for the policies GOP lawmakers are pursuing in Washington.

“I have independents and Democrats coming forward wanting to help grow this majority because they like that we’re putting America first, that we’re focused on the individuals,” McCarthy said.

“We have expanded this party. That’s because good members with good policy listening to the American public and not afraid to lead is making a difference,” he added.

McCarthy noted that over the last two election cycles, Republicans have gained seats in the House, including new members from blue and purple states like California, Oregon, New York and Arizona.

One of the oddities of the 2020 general election is that Republicans gained 12 seats in the House, even as President Donald Trump, at the top of the ticket, lost his re-election bid.


The GOP picked up an additional 10 seats in the November 2022 midterm elections, taking back the majority, 222 to 213.

McCarthy said the money raised will be used to defend tough swing districts and win more seats from Democrats in 2024.

The Cook Political Report lists 14 congressional districts overall — including four in New York, two in California, two in Arizona and one in Oregon — as toss-up seats currently held by Republican. It lists 11 toss-up seats currently held by Democrats, in states like North Carolina, Ohio and Pennsylvania.

There is of course much higher turnout during presidential election years than for midterm elections.

Asked who he will be backing from president in 2024, McCarthy said that he’s been focused on the House elections, but had positive things to say about Trump.

“I think the American public looks and wants those President Trump’s policies back. I think he’s looking very strong,” McCarthy told Bartiromo, referencing the 45th president’s polling numbers.

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