Just as the White House drug scandal appeared to be dying down, largely due to the complete lack of information surrounding it, another has sprung up to take its place.

According to a scandalous new report from Fox News, marijuana was twice found in the White House in 2022 — at least nine months before the current cocaine scandal that has engulfed the Biden White House.

The Secret Service reportedly confirmed this information to members of Congress during a classified briefing over the Fourth of July weekend.

It is worth noting that both medical and recreational marijuana use is legal in Washington, D.C.

In fact, according to the Metropolitan Police, the following things are all legal for a 21-year-old to do:

Given that, one may assume that a little bit of weed found in the White House would hardly be worth writing about.

However, there are still a number of restrictions (you can’t sell marijuana, you can’t operate heavy machinery while under the influence, et al.) that do apply to marijuana use in D.C., and this new scandal appears to clearly run afoul of at least one of those restrictions.


As D.C.’s ACLU branch noted: “Federal law enforcement officers still may arrest anyone in the District for possession of any amount of marijuana. You still cannot have marijuana on federal land (which includes Rock Creek Park, the National Mall, and area around federal buildings) or on the Metro system.”

Last checked, buildings don’t get much more federal than the symbolic epicenter of this country.

A Secret Service representative confirmed to Fox News that agents had found “small amounts of marijuana” in both July and September of 2022.

However, just like the ongoing cocaine scandal, it doesn’t appear anything will ever come of this new revelation.

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