If anyone thinks that the pressures of a 2024 presidential bid or criminal charges are weighing heavily on the mind of former President Donald Trump, that simply doesn’t appear to be the case.

Trump, currently facing 37 criminal charges and fending off GOP challengers ahead of the 2024 Republican primary, has been spending what little free time he has doing what many Americans do on an everyday basis.

Namely, he made fun of his friends on social media and attended sporting events.

Taking to Truth Social, the 45th U.S. president gave a full-throated endorsement of country superstar Jason Aldean — but not without a stinging jab.

“Jason is a GREAT guy however, he is much better with a guitar than he is with a golf club,” Trump posted.

Trump is a well-documented golf enthusiast, having worked with the controversial LIV Golf in the past.

Despite the slight about Aldean’s golf skills, the former president made sure to still get a plug in for his friend: “Check out his Tour!!!”

Aldean himself took to Truth Social to promote his “Highway Desperado Tour.” (In fact, Trump reTruthed Aldean’s post.)


And while Trump spent part of his Tuesday needling and promoting his friend on social media, he ditched the social media for real socializing when he arrived like a conquering hero at UFC 290 on Saturday.

And just like everyday Americans, Trump spent part of his UFC experience fraternizing with friends — his friends just happen to include people like celebrity chef Guy Fieri and UFC fighters.

Trump’s relative nonchalance at what could be a competitive GOP primary (particularly as candidates drop out of the crowded field) and potential legal issues is a stark juxtaposition to the incumbent president.

President Joe Biden has largely been criticized for a lazy beach outing the same weekend Trump was partaking in UFC 290.

And while Trump was joking with friends on Truth Social, MSNBC was blasting Biden’s staffers for letting him look foolish.

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