CNN correspondent was accused of “misgendering” during a segment on the Bud Light/Dylan Mulvaney partnership, sparking outrage among leftists on social media. 

While reporting on Bud Light’s drop in sales following its partnership with the transgender influencer, CNN correspondent Ryan Young referred to Mulvaney as a “he,” using the pronoun that corresponds to his biological sex when the trans-identifying TikTok star has demanded to be referred to as a woman.

“One bar was telling us, basically, they’re not going to serve [Bud Light] because they don’t like the way Dylan Mulvaney was treated after this whole controversy started. He, of course, is the transgender person they were going to sponsor and go along with …” Young said.

“[Trans activists] didn’t like how Bud Light didn’t stand by him after all this,” Young added, using the pronoun “him” when Mulvaney prefers “they.”

Ari Drennen, the LGBTQ news writer for far-Left media watchdog group Media Matters, blasted CNN for running the segment. 

“Unbelievably bad CNN segment -fails to interrogate where the Bud Light boycott came from -launders perspectives of people who think their grandchildren will be harmed by the knowledge that trans people exist -misgenders Dylan Mulvaney,” Drennen tweeted. “This segment could’ve run on Fox News!”


“CNN correspondent Ryan Young misgenders Dylan Mulvaney twice during report, calls her ‘he’ and ‘him,’” wrote former NBCUniversal executive Mike Sington. 

“[CNN] has had trans positive pieces before, even on [Dylan Mulvaney] herself,” another Twitter user said. “It has run positive trans-advocacy segments (recently on [Michael Smerconish]). Misgendering trans ppl in 2023 is not a faux pas but intentional bad politics (as well as blatantly unprofessional). Do better [CNN].”

Mulvaney called out those who use his biological pronouns last October, saying in a TikTok that it should be illegal for journalists to use he/him when referring to the trans activist. 

“When someone writes that I’m a child predator solely based on the fact that I’m a trans woman, well, that’s just bullying,” Mulvaney said.

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