Something outside of the Fox News studio in New York City disturbed the panelists of “Outnumbered” on Monday afternoon.

It remains unclear what exactly happened outside the Manhattan building where the show and most of the network’s other programs are filmed.

But as the show prepared to go to commercial break, network host Emily Compagno teased the show would be back in just a few moments.

As she did so, she looked to her left and motioned toward someone in the studio as music played the block out to break.

Soon, Harris Faulkner, Lisa Kennedy Montgomery, Kayleigh McEnany and Ari Fleischer each appeared concerned by something outside of the studio window.

Compagno and Kennedy each pointed out the window while Faulkner also appeared captivated by something and stood up to give it her full attention.

Fleischer and McEnany also appeared concerned but remained seated.

Nicholas Fondacaro with the Media Research Center flagged the clip on Twitter.

He commented, “What’s going on outside Fox News? The panel on Outnumbered looks worried about [something] going on outside their windows as they go to break.”


Some of the network’s viewers also said they noticed the behavior from the hosts and were curious about what caused it:

Fondacaro later posted an update that yielded no information, as once “Outnumbered” returned to the air, no mention of the disruption was made.

“As they came back from the break, there was no note about what happened but all the window shades were down,” Fondacaro commented.

The Western Journal reached out to Fox News with an inquiry about what caused the show’s hosts to react in the manner in which they did.

As of the time of publication, the network had yet to respond to that request.

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