“Sound of Freedom” just came out and is dominating the box office, particularly as compared to Disney’s woke offerings, and so the corporate press is on the warpath against it. Particularly, there is an effort underfoot to portray the film, which exposes the massive scope of the child sex trafficking industry, as being a “QAnon-tinged” conspiracy flick.

Well, the heroic man on whom the film was based, Tim Ballard, came out swinging against the critics of the film, saying that the regime media’s attempts to smear it as being a baseless conspiracy theory are “embarrassing and simply grotesque.”

Particularly, Ballard responded to a CNN talking head’s criticism that the film is creating a “moral panic” about “high-level elites” being pedophiles. Ballard, responding to that claim from CNN, said, “Yeah, as that guy’s talking, and he’s nobody’s here. Oh, by the way, I can’t imagine any kid looking at him thinking he’s going to help them out. But I think of the children that are really depicted in that film. I know what happened to them, those children were the subjects of child rape videos, those children were being sold for sex.”

Continuing, he described what the movie actually shows and why it’s important, saying, “In total, you see, over 120 kids actually are rescued in the story that’s being depicted. Even if the movie doesn’t get into all of them. These are real kids. I see them I’m still friends with them.

Ballard then got back to hammering CNN for its coverage of his rescuing children, saying, “So it’s, it’s embarrassing, and frankly, grotesque for this guy who knows nothing to start throwing out terms like Q anon and connecting it to a real story. I mean, they’re not even thinking about it.

Ballard then questioned why they are trying to discredit a movie exposing sex trafficking children, saying, “So what are they thinking about? Sex trafficking children. It’s so bizarre. It’s like the pro-sex trafficking, like leave the industry alone. That’s how it feels. To me. It feels like there’s some other agenda because why do that?”


Fox News then asked Ballard about a particularly sickening scene in the movie, asking, “There’s that one scene in the movie where it’s an older man, and he’s picking out what little boy or what little girl he wants to take into. You know, I’ve just can’t even talk about it, but to take away, we know what’s going to happen to that child. Does that really happen? And how often does that happen?”

Ballard noted that the problem is an enormous one, saying, “Well, this this this is happening all the time. How I mean, there are 6 million children, believe it or not, according to the Department of Labor, Department of State, who are stuck in slavery of one kind or another. Either it’s sex labor, or organ harvesting, I mean organ harvesting. We’ve been taken out several organ harvesting rings, where they take little babies and, you know, use them that way. And so we see everything you know, and the film depicts every kind, whether it’s the lore, like you like you mentioned, that’s a real person that that beauty queen who was recruiting kids, he’s young as nine years old.

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