Sen. Marsha Blackburn is taking a stand for President Donald Trump following the massive victories the Supreme Court Justices he appointed handed to the country, namely the Dobbs and Bruen decisions in the summer of 2022 and the recent big wins for religious liberty and against racial discrimination.

Sen. Blackburn did so in a statement to Breitbart News, saying, that the Trump Administration deserves “a great deal of credit” for appointing Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett and then sticking by them through contentious confirmation battles in the Senate, rallying Republicans to the cause rather than being cowed by leftist outrage.

She said, “When you confirm qualified constitutionalists who are devoted to the rule of law to the bench, you get outcomes grounded in the Constitution. The Trump administration is owed a great deal of credit for the historic and constitutional decisions that we have seen as of late, which restore to the American people the liberty our Constitution promises.

Continuing, Sen. Blackburn added that the recent victories show just how important nominating the best judges and then ushering them through the confirmation process is, saying, “As a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, I recognize the profound importance of supporting nominees at all levels of the justice system who apply the law as written, not those who force their own agenda.

Sen. Steve Daines made a similar statement, telling Breitbart that Trump’s judicial selections were critical to the current victories conservatives are winning in the Supreme Court, much to leftist chagrin, saying

, “President Trump’s selection of three constitutional conservative justices was pivotal to the huge victories we are seeing now. I strongly supported these justices as it was high time the Supreme Court moved from serving liberal whims as another legislative branch of government and instead started following the Constitution as our Founders intended.

Similarly, Carrie Severino, the president of the Judicial Crisis Network, said that this Supreme Court, with half of its conservatives appointed by Trump, is the best in living memory, saying, “This is the best Supreme Court in living memory, rolling back activist decisions like Roe v. Wade, enforcing Second Amendment rights, and striking down unconstitutional racial preferences. That’s thanks to a President who made it a priority to nominate principled originalists with the courage of their convictions, and a Senate that was willing to fight for the confirmations of those nominees.

In a tweet, Sen. Blackburn cheered another judicial victory against the left: a Trump-appointed judge’s recent ban on Biden officials demanding social media companies censor. She said, “The DOJ’s challenge to the injunction barring the Biden administration from communicating with Big Tech has been denied by a federal district court. Sorry, @POTUS. You don’t get to censor speech just because you disagree with it.

In another tweet about that case, Sen. Blackburn said, “Biden’s DOJ has appealed a ruling that blocks the administration from communicating with Big Tech to censor certain speech. It’s clear why — the Left detests free speech because it allows Americans to voice opposition to their radical agenda.”

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