As 2024 grows closer and the frontrunners are shaping up, Jill Biden had an important, if not ominous, message for Democrat voters recently. Joe has stumbled and fumbled with the teleprompter, often reading written instructions out loud and saying indecipherable gibberish. However, he also has stumbled and bumbled his way upstairs, downstairs, on stage, and on his bike.

It is clear that Joe Biden is losing his race with father time, but Jill made some bold statements while shaking down donors for millions in Tennessee and Minnesota Sunday. Despite her husband’s age and propensity for looking lost and confused, Jill stated“Nothing can slow him down and now he’s ready to finish the job.”

Nothing except, of course, stairs, cables on the stage, bikes, the teleprompter, and muti-syllabic words. Joe Biden is 80 years old. That is an age where people need to be sitting in a chair looking out the window, not running the country. The fact is, Burger King likely wouldn’t hire an 80-year-old, but we have one running the country, and he wants four more years!

Despite Jill’s attempts to prop her husband up for four more years of knee scrapes and malaprops, the polls show that the majority of Americans simply don’t agree with Dr. Jill. In fact, a new NBC poll showed that two-thirds of Americans are not down for another Biden term.

If Biden secured a second term, he would be 85 years old if he lived for all four years. That is terrifying, and the polls reflect that fear. Even more disturbing is the prospect of Kamala Harris, the Vice President with the lowest approval rating in history, taking the reigns if Biden should expire.

The poll of 1,000 registered voters, which has a margin of error of 3.1 percentage points, showed the concern of the American people. The results showed that 68 percent are concerned that Biden doesn’t possess the ‘necessary mental and physical health to be president.’ Only 32 percent had no or minor concerns, but one has to wonder who that 32 percent is.

The poll further states that 60 percent of responders are concerned about Biden ‘being re-elected and serving another four years as president’ while only 40 percent have no or minor concerns. Again, one has to wonder who the 40 percent are that are good with the condition of the country.

Biden and the White House have repeatedly ignored or downplayed the obvious warning signs around the president’s physical and mental health. In fact, Biden’s doctor has declared him healthy and fit to serve, but one has to call into question the integrity of a physician that would ignore what the rest of the world is seeing in real-time in favor of supporting a political agenda.

That aside, what can’t be ignored is the impending campaign trail. Biden used Covid as an excuse to stay at home and make videos from his basement, but with Covid little more than an afterthought now, he will be forced to travel and speak, both of which have proven challenging at times for the president.

Much will be revealed in the coming months concerning Biden’s health, both mentally and physically, and if the results are as expected, Americans’ concerns about Joe Biden will be on full display and impossible to ignore.

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