Hunter Biden might have a problem. Since the five-year investigation into Joe Biden’s son’s alleged misdeeds, including tax evasion and illegally purchasing a gun while on drugs, and lying on the application only resulted in what basically amounted to a slap on the wrist, many experts, pundits, and politicians have been crying foul.

More specifically, people have been upset at the sweetheart deal given to the president’s son. Biden’s shenanigans are well-documented. From his insatiable thirst for drugs and hookers to his alleged dealings in Ukraine and China, the “laptop from hell” has exposed who the first son really is.

The deal that is on the table reduced Biden’s tax issues to misdemeanors and is allowing him a pretrial program for the gun offense, which will get the charge dismissed. A curious move considering Democrats constantly cite the need for stronger gun laws but won’t enforce the laws on the books where the president’s son is concerned.

The plea deal is set to be signed off on July 26th, however, after IRS whistleblowers came forward with the revelation that Biden could have been charged with much more serious tax crimes, Republicans have ramped up efforts to get the Maryland judge to throw out the plea.


Now, a conservative think tank called the Heritage Foundation has filed a lawsuit against the DoJ for not releasing the communications records of Delaware prosecutor David Weiss. The foundation maintains that Merrick Garland’s DoJ did not want further incriminating evidence released against Biden, thereby not releasing communications from the prosecutor. The Heritage Foundation is seeking a delay in the plea decision in order to examine the Maryland prosecutor’s records.

Heritage Foundation Oversight Director Mike Howell said: “The public has an interest to assess for themselves: is this a sweetheart deal? It certainly appears to be. This information needs to be out, and it’s in the public interest for it to be out prior to any plea being signed off on.”

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