It’s glaringly obvious that President Joe Biden is unfit for office. But don’t ask me. Ask Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

In an exchange that’s going viral again a year after it happened, Buttigieg was grilled by Republican Rep. Troy Nehls of Texas about comments the Transportation secretary made in 2019 when he was a candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination..

Nehls began the line of questioning in the July 2022 hearing by asking Buttigieg to describe America in one word.

“Well, for me, I guess ‘home,’” a smiling Buttigieg said.

“‘Home.’ Fair enough, fair enough,” Nehls said.

He then shifted gears: “Just a few weeks ago, this is how President Biden described America in one word.” He then had an aide hold up a placard of Biden’s remarks, which were, as usual, only semi-coherent at best.

“America is a nation that can be summed up in a single word: Awdsmafa– foothimaaaa– footafootwha– excuse me. The foothills of the Himalayas with Xi Jinping.”

Nehls’ aide held up a placard and the representative asked Buttigieg to even make an attempt at pronouncing that.

“Could you please tell me what that word means?” Nehls said. Surprise of surprises, he did not.

He then noted that Buttigieg had, once upon a time, said former President Donald Trump’s mental state was worrisome.

“You yourself questioned Donald Trump’s mental state of mind in September of 2019 when you stated to CNN I quote, ‘If our presidency is not in good shape, then our country is not in good shape,’” Nehls said.


“And, Mr. Secretary, I could not agree with you more,” Nehls continued.

“Inflation is at 9.1 percent, gas prices are through the roof, our adversaries are exploiting our weaknesses across the globe, and our southern border is non-existent. This administration puts the American people last.”

He then questioned whether Buttigieg had talked with any other members of the cabinet about implementing the 25th Amendment to remove Biden — something that was oft talked about during the Trump years by the same people who swear up and down that Biden is fit for his job.

Buttigieg didn’t answer the question. Nehls summed the situation up thusly:

“Sadly, he [Biden] shakes hands with ghosts and imaginary people, he falls off bicycles, even at the White House Easter Celebration, the Easter Bunny had to guide him back into his safe place,” said Nehls.

“Cue cards say, ‘sit here’ or ‘end of speech,’ which he actually states, that is, if he stays awake.”

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