Sunny Hostin, co-host of ABC’s “The View,” is in trouble again for remarks she made about the subject of race in America.

During a recent show segment, Hostin claimed that the “lived experience” between working-class white and wealthy black kids in the country is profoundly different without addressing any of the root causes or elaborating.

“The lived experience of a white kid in Appalachia or perhaps on a potato farm in Idaho…” she began.

“Or Brooklyn,” co-host Joy Behar chimed in.

“Or Brooklyn,” Hostin continued, “is different in this country for a black student. Whether that black student be wealthy or not. Because this country was founded on slavery.”

Several Twitter users took her to task over the remark, which is a standard left-wing claim about the U.S.

“Dumbest thing I have heard on the View, which is really hard to accomplish,” said one user.

“This country was not founded on slavery. Very few people had slaves even in the south. This is a lie to keep Americans either feeling victimized or feeling guilty for something that hasn’t even existed in our lifetimes. Stop the nonsense,” another added.

“How is the lived experience of anyone related to slavery? I thought everyone who lived through slavery is not alive any longer. Apparently some kids today have lived experience of slavery? Fascinating,” another user responded.

Asked another user: “How much longer will Americans tolerate the left constantly pitting White against Black? How are we suppose to unify as a nation when the leftists refuse to let that happen?”

“I’m not sure it would be possible to install a more illogical, largely racist, radically unintelligent group of women on a tv show if one tried! They’re awful,” still another opined


The five co-hosts of the controversial ABC show —  Hostin, Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Sara Haines, Ana Navarro, and Alyssa Farah Griffin — are all on hiatus.

The co-hosts took their most recent break during Memorial Day weekend, and now, according to Decider, they are taking an extended Independence Day holiday.

“New episodes of The View will return on Monday, July 10. In the meantime, we hope they are soaking in the summer sun and attending as many barbecues as they can during their week off,” Decider noted. The report added that the show will air reruns.

Before getting into the topics that the table would be touching on, Goldberg introduced the newest member of the show’s family.

“We got a new man behind the camera. Hey Paul,” Whoopi said, with other members of the table saying, “Hi, Paul” as they noted the writer’s strike that has hit many other shows in Hollywood.

Near the end of the show, as Whoopi welcomed viewers back and held up a notecard to ask a producer if this was the moment she clearly was not ready for — announcing that producer Rob Bruce Baron was leaving.

Baron had worked in television for over 40 years and has spent all 26 seasons working for “The View.”

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