Wednesday was another bad day for the current Whtie House Press Secretary, Karine Jean Pierre, as a reporter stumped her into ramblign by asking about the bag of cocaine found in the White House and pressing her when she refused to give answers.

The reporter sparked KJP’s embarrassing ramble by asking, “[P]er the intrigue over the holiday: Can you give any more details on where the Secret Service found cocaine in the West Wing and how it got there?

KJP then decided to ramble a bit about how the issue is the Secret Service’s issue, saying, “So, as you know, this is under the purview of the Secret Service.  They are currently investigating what happened over the weekend, so I would have to refer you to the Secret fer- — the Secret Service on all of this. But one thing that I can share that I’ll — that I’ll share a little bit more information: As you know, the President and the First Lady and their family were not here this weekend, as you all reported on this.  And as you also know that they left on Friday and returned just yesterday.”

Continuing, she said without any hint of irony that the place where the narcotic was found is a “highly trafficked” area, then returned to rambling about the Secret Service handling the issue, saying, “Where — where this was discovered is a heavily traveled area where many White House — West Wing — I should be even more specific — West Wing visitors come through this particular area.  I just don’t have anything more to share.  It is under investigation by the Secret Service.  This is in their purview, and so we’re going to — we’re going to allow certainly the investigation to continue.  And we have confidence that the Secret Service will get to the bottom of this.”

But it wasn’t over. Another reporter asked, “Has the President said, ‘Hey, let’s get to the bottom of what happened here’ with the cocaine?

” KJP responded to that with yet more rambling, saying, “Well, I just said that we have confidence that the Secret Service is going to get to the bottom of this.  As you all know, the President follows all the reporting here.  And he certainly was briefed by his staff on everything that we know so far. But the Secret Service is investigating this, is investigating what happened over the weekend.  We have confidence that they will get to the bottom of this.

Still that wasn’t the end of her rambling on the matter, Another reporter asked, “Karine, can you just clarify for us where exactly inside the West Wing the substance was discovered?

Giving yet another word-salad response to a simple question and never getting to an actual answer, KJP then said, “I’m not going to get into specifics. All I can say is: When people visit the West Wing, there is an ar- — there is the area of the West Wing where it is highly traveled. And that is what happens: People come through this particular area. It’s highly traveled. I’m just not going to get into specifics. I’m not going to get into — I’m not going to get ahead of the Secret Service. And so I’ll let them speak to that. There are a couple of primary entrances into the West Wing. There’s the one with which we’re all familiar, right outside of the driveway where the Marine stands when the President is in — in the West Wing. And there’s another entrance off West Executive Avenue.”

The reporter wasn’t done: “Okay. Can you explain why you can’t explain it? I mean, you’ve described it as a heavily traveled area.

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