Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders made history when she nominated a Republican to the Arkansas state Supreme Court. This becomes a historic move by the Republican governor because it would give the Arkansas state Supreme Court a conservative majority for the first time in history. Arkansas state Supreme Court has never had a right-leaning majority before and Huckabee Sanders could make it happen.

Gov. Huckabee Sanders’ nominee to become the next justice in the Arkansas state Supreme Court is J. Cody Hiland, a former US Attorney and current chairman of the Arkansas Republican Party/state GOP. Hiland has a subtle link to former President Donald Trump because Trump nominated Hiland to be a US Attorney back in 2017, as reported on The Hill. Hiland stayed in the position of US Attorney until the end of 2020 where he eventually resigned and went to work for the Arkansas Department of Public Safety. After that, he took on a role working with Sarah Huckabee Sanders during her successful run for governor.

The Hill’s report also noted that Hiland’s nomination to the state Supreme Court has an even deeper impact than we think. Hiland’s nomination means each of the three branches of Arkansas government now have a majority that leans conservative. This could certainly help make Gov. Sarah Huckabee Sanders job a lot easier with the three branches of government on the same side of politics that she is.


Gov. Huckabee Sanders took office on January 10, 2023. She’s the first female governor of Arkansas. She’s 40-years-old and the youngest governor in America at this time. She’s working on transformational reforms that lean towards conservative values. She wants things like school choice, more public safety reforms to help get repeat offenders off the streets and back in prison, and to help find ways to give hardworking Americans tax cuts.

Despite being the current youngest governor, she was honorably selected to give the response to President Joe Biden’s State of the Union Address and Huckabee Sanders won some fans when she spoke about a future generation paving the way through conservative leadership. But before all of this took place, she became notoriously famous serving as a White House press secretary for former President Donald Trump.

Huckabee Sanders’ time as White House press secretary put her in the spotlight, full of pressure mounting from reporters, politicians, and daily scrutiny on social media. Huckabee Sanders didn’t fold under the pressure, but instead held strong against the press. She worked closely with Donald Trump and made a little bit of history for herself along the way. She was technically the third woman to ever be press secretary and the first mother to hold the job.

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