In a Rumble video titled “The Cocaine-Gate Inside Scoop,” Bongino gave his account of what he believes happened after the Secret Service announced on Sunday that a “suspicious white powder” found in the White House turned out to be the illegal drug.

“DO NOT TRUST the White House version of events about the cocaine. The Bongino Rule is in full effect,” he prefaced on Twitter.

“Here’s the issue here. There’s going to be a lot of commentary on this from people who have not done security or aren’t even remotely familiar with how security at the White House even works,” he noted in the video.

After noting that the White House sits on an 18-acre site, he explained that there are only two checkpoints where visitors can get in, and they are heavily manned by Secret Service personnel using the best screening technology.

“Who could have possibly went through a checkpoint and brought cocaine in?” he asked rhetorically. “The answer is no one. It’s someone who would have bypassed the checkpoints.”

Bongino then noted that Secret Service agents and those they protect, such as the first family and guests of the Bidens, would not have to go through the checkpoints.

“The Secret Service didn’t have cocaine on ’em, so it had to be one of the protectees. There is no other explanation,” he continued. “They would have never gotten through the checkpoint.”

They were driven in,” Bongingo added.

The host went on to say that “it’s a simple explanation” before referencing Occam’s razor — meaning the simplest solution is nearly always the correct answer.

“Keep it simple, stupid,” Bongino said. “Sad, but true. That is most likely what happened. It’s the only way it got in there.”

Former President Donald Trump offered his own perspective.

“Does anybody really believe that the COCAINE found in the West Wing of the White House, very close to the Oval Office, is for the use of anyone other than Hunter & Joe Biden,” he wrote on his Truth Social platform.


Regardless of whether a suspect is named, the Service is expected to wrap up its investigation into a bag of cocaine found in the West Wing early next week, a federal law enforcement official told CNN.

“As of Thursday afternoon, investigators had yet to receive results of the DNA or fingerprint analysis but had already begun reviewing visitor logs and security camera footage. This timeline reflects the current progress of the investigation, but law enforcement investigations are fluid and that timeline could shift,” CNN reported.

“The official reiterated that it may be difficult to identify a culprit given how many people walk through the entrance near where the bag of cocaine was found. CNN previously reported that cocaine was found in a cubby near the ground floor entrance to the West Wing where staff-led tours of the White House pass through on their way into the building. Those tours typically only occur on weekends,” the outlet added.

The agency found an “unknown item” late on Sunday, which led to the evacuation of the White House grounds. A person with knowledge of the situation confirmed on Wednesday that laboratory testing for the material discovered in the White House on Sunday was cocaine.

Secret Service units blocked off roads around the President’s official residence while a DC Fire Department hazmat team was dispatched to the location to investigate. All road closures have now been lifted, the spokesperson confirmed.

On Thursday, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre ducked and dodged questions about the cocaine discovery and the investigation into the situation, which was criticized by former White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

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