A video released by Gal Luft, an Israeli who was involved with a Chinese energy firm, says he remains on the run because of the information he knows about the Biden family.

“My ordeal goes back to a fatal decision I made in March of 2019 to share with the U.S. government my knowledge about the Biden family’s relations with CFC,” he said in a video posted to YouTube.

In the video, which was shot in an undisclosed location, he refers to the energy company as CFC; most reports use the acronym CEFC.

“I insisted that the meeting take place in March because at the time there were rumors that Joe Biden was planning to run for president. I saw it as my civic duty to alert the government beforehand and give it enough time to probe the issue,” said Luft, who had been a witness described for weeks as “missing.”

“I’m not a Republican. I’m not a Democrat. I have no political motive or agenda. I did it out of deep concern that if the Bidens were to come to power, the country would be facing the same traumatic Russia collusion scandal — only this time with China. Sadly, because of the DOJ’s cover-up, this is exactly what happened,” he said.


During two days of testimony in Brussels, he said, he shared “Insider knowledge about the group and the individuals that enriched the Biden family.”

During the interview, he gave the Department of Justice the name of someone he called “Hunter Biden’s bag man,” and noted that it was 21 months before the tip was ever followed up.

Luft said he told the investigators he met with that “Hunter was closely associated with a very senior retired FBI official” and described his appearance.

The FBI “knew about from me about the Biden CFC deals before they got hold of the laptop, way before, they had enough time to investigate the issue but they didn’t,” he said, noting that what he said in March was confirmed with details of the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

As a result of his testimony, he said, he became “Public Enemy Number One.”

“Over the past four years that followed, me, my family, my friends, my associates, we’re all harassed, intimidated and finally I was prosecuted.”

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