According to a recent report on Hunter Biden’s relationship with Lunden Roberts and her quest to get him to pay child support for Navy Joan, their daughter, The New York Times claimed that President Joe Biden’s aides have been told to ignore Navy Joan when counting grandkids.

Making that claim, the New York Times claimed: “In strategy meetings in recent years, aides have been told that the Bidens have six, not seven, grandchildren, according to two people familiar with the discussions.

In addition to that attempt to keep the young girl out of the Biden family, the article in the New York Times also noted that Hunter has fought against his daughter being given his last name and got Ms. Roberts to halt her attempts to change Joan’s surname to Biden. She claimed they both decided to do so because it was for the best, saying, “We both want what is best for our daughter, and that is our only focus.”

The New York Times article also noted that Hunter has finally agreed to pay child support and make some provisions for her financial future. The outlet said: “Her parents ended a yearslong court battle over child support on Thursday, agreeing that Mr. Biden, who has embarked on a second career as a painter whose pieces have been offered for as much as $500,000 each, would turn over a number of his paintings to his daughter in addition to providing a monthly support payment. The little girl will select the paintings from Mr. Biden, according to court documents.”

Ms. Roberts and Hunter Biden met in 2018, the NYT reports

, when she was working as a personal assistant for him. He quickly got her pregnant and their daughter was born later in 2018, but Hunter stopped responding to messages from Ms. Roberts well before then. Hunter also, in November of 2018, removed Ms. Roberts and the baby, Navy Joan, from health insurance.

Posting about the situation on Twitter, Chad Gilmartin, Speaker McCarthy’s Deputy Spokesperson, said, “Joe Biden ‘has not yet met or publicly mentioned his other grandchild. His White House has not answered questions about whether he will publicly acknowledge her’ ‘[A]ides have been told that the Bidens have six, not seven, grandchildren’ So sad.

Similarly, Timur Kuran, a professor at Duke University, said, “Set aside politics and put yourself in the shoes of this 4 year-old. ‘She’s aware that her father is Hunter Biden and that her paternal grandfather is US president. She speaks about both often, but she has not met them.’ No one should do this to a child.”

David Marcus, a conservative commentator, noted that the relationship could prove useful for Republicans come November of 2024 because of how bad the situation makes Biden look, saying, “We are a year away from “I wish I could meet my grandpa” interviews. Hell of an October surprise.

It is so far unclear why Biden is bent on not seeing, speaking to, or acknowledging Navy Joan, particularly since the situation diminishes his claims of being a pleasant family man.

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