Things are not good in the White House. There are increasing questions about President Joe Biden’s overall mental and physical health going into the 2024 election. Some sources also claim that a rising number of Democrats are advocating for Biden’s re-election because they feel more comfortable with Vice President Kamala Harris assuming the role of commander-in-chief.

There have also been broader discussions among Democrats about what direction to take the party as the party is struggling with internal fighting between the more seasoned lawmakers and the younger, more progressive figures.

Now, a new report reveals that former President Barack Obama may be embracing the younger lawmakers in what appears to be a move that would push the Democratic Party even further push it even further to the left.

Politico’s Jonathan Martin reported that Obama recently hosted a number of meetings with younger House Democrats, which were described as “informal, but lengthy” and which “took place over cheese and crackers in Obama’s Washington office.”

It’s not clear what was discussed, but it did appear to be low-profile, raising questions about why such a high-profile figure such as Obama would be getting involved.


Martin described the meetings as “private,” but they were not entirely secretive, as “Obama’s advisers took care to alert the Biden West Wing about the conversations.”

“The gatherings were Obama’s idea, I’m told, and were designed for the now-61-year-old former president to keep current with his party’s rising stars, more than six years after he left office,” he added. “The sessions…are striking for a number of reasons.”

He noted further:

The former president was careful to avoid criticizing Biden with the lawmakers, only encouraging Democrats to be aggressive marketing their accomplishments. They should establish their own identity, he said, while allowing that the party’s fate in 2024 would be largely tied to Biden’s success.

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