Bubba Wallace, the controversial NASCAR driver best known for a “noose” that wasn’t a noose, does not care what racing fans think about a leftward drift in the traditionally blue-collar sport.

Wallace, NASCAR’s only prominent black driver, gained national attention in 2020 by promoting Black Lives Matter and pushing to have the Confederate flag banned at races.

Then, Wallace made headlines as a “hate-crime” victim by claiming that someone had left a “noose” in the garage that had been assigned to him for a race at Talladega Superspeedway in Alabama.

An investigation later showed that the “noose” was actually a pull-down rope used for closing the garage door, and had been there for months before Wallace was assigned the garage.

Apparently, this Jussie Smollett-level fraud did not humble the outspoken driver.

Wallace visited Chicago over the weekend for a series of racing-related events.

On Thursday, according to the Chicago Sun-Times, Wallace spoke to media members about NASCAR’s efforts to promote DEI — diversity, equity and inclusion.

“I’ve always said there’s three types of people: the ones that will accept change, the ones that are on the fence about change and the ones that will never change,” Wallace said.


Assuming that these “three types of people” share the same basic rights and command equal respect in a free society, surely they all have perspectives worth considering, correct?

Not according to Wallace.

“You can never get to the minds of the people that will never change, so we don’t really focus our energy on those people,” he said.

Presumably, “those people” constitute an expendable segment of the NASCAR fan base.

Still, in this particular interview, Wallace had not yet explained what sort of “change” requires the casual sacrifice of so many hitherto loyal fans.

Then he did.

“Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t like changes that we’re doing as a sport to tap into different demographics and make the sport more welcoming and inclusive, and that’s on them. They have to live with that. For us, we continue to march forward,” he said.

And there it is: “welcoming and inclusive” — the preening woke moralist’s code phrase for “I’m better than you.”

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