Former Fox News star and current top-rated SiriusXM podcaster Megyn Kelly offered high praise for former President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court picks following a series of decisions last month that strengthened the Constitution and the rule of law.

“A spectacular day for Donald Trump whose three conservative picks for SCOTUS were integral to the historic decisions yesterday and today,” Kelly tweeted Friday morning. “Major feather in his cap and will likely (& rightfully) be touted by his campaign in coming months.”

The Hill added last week: “The high court late this week made a series of closely-watched rulings, including a strike down of affirmative action in college admissions, the backing of a Christian website designer who refused to provide wedding websites to a same-sex couple, and a rebuke of President Biden’s federal student loan forgiveness program. Three members of the court’s 6-3 conservative majority were appointed by Trump: Justices Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett.”

In late May, meanwhile, Kelly shredded Trump’s most serious 2024 rival, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, for refusing to appear on her podcast.

During a segment, Kelly said she was not pleased with DeSantis’ campaign announcement on Twitter Spaces with Elon Musk the previous week, saying his presidential launch had the “unsteadying feel of a disaster unfolding before your very eyes.”

Kelly said DeSantis should have had an announcement with an audience in attendance to showcase his ability to speak with voters and “story teller.”

She also said she’s made an attempt to have DeSantis on her podcast but that no one has gotten back to her, which led to her saying the governor needs to “grow a pair” and do interviews that might not always be easy.

“It was embarrassing and awkward and had the bewildering, unsteadying feel of a disaster unfolding before your very eyes. You can’t look away and yet you’re viscerally uncomfortable watching too. He made the announcement on Twitter Spaces with Elon Musk and our pal David Sacks. Kudos to all involved for choosing a different medium and bypassing the mainstream media which hates DeSantis and which is *hated* by most Republican voters,” Kelly said.


“I support that mission but its execution here, to put it kindly, did not work. How on earth were the kinks not worked out beforehand? Some 600,000 people tried logging on to watch – a considerable feat given that most of us have never been on Twitter Spaces – only to be met with messages like: ‘This Space is Not Available’ and ‘This Space Has Ended’ all before it had even begun! Not a good omen and certainly not the messaging a campaign wants on launch night. Not available! This is over! It was, indeed, a failure to launch and it’s dominating the news coverage today – the result of an unnecessary, unforced error on DeSantis’s part,” she added.

The Fox News host called DeSantis “chicken” and said she had been in touch with the DeSantis team but had not gotten a “yes” on doing an interview.

“Grow a pair. Like, come on for an adversarial interview with somebody who is going to ask you some tough questions. Be a man. I’m sick of the duck and cover drill that he’s doing only with friendly media,” Kelly declared.

“Where is the Freddy Mercury moment on the other side of the curtain?! With the fans cheering and smiling and excited to be with him?! Or how about just shots of DeSantis connecting with real-life voters, glad-handing with a smile, holding the hand of a concerned voter somewhere? Talk about a missed opportunity – especially for a guy who’s already suspected of lacking the personal touch one needs to succeed in presidential politics,” Kelly continued.

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