Former President Donald Trump made a bold promise to women ahead of America’s 247th birthday, vowing to “protect the dignity of women and motherhood in all circumstances” if he wins re-election.

Trump made the historic pledge Thursday by signing the “Presidential Promise to American Women,” a resolution proposed by the Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee.

Politico’s Meridith McGraw reported he was the first 2024 presidential candidate to support the declaration — a stern rebuke of the left’s rabid elevation of transgenderism.

The oath begins: “As President of the United States, I promise to uphold the truth that women are exclusively female. Only women can be pregnant and bear children. Only women can be mothers.

“Under my Administration, the status and dignity of women and girls will not be compromised in law or policy.”

Trump also resolved that he would throw the weight of the federal government behind protecting the biological reality and sanctity of females.

“That sex is binary is a scientific reality, and all federal agencies will be directed to uphold this fact in every policy and program at home and abroad,” the document states.


“A person’s claim of ‘gender identity’ does not overrule their sex.”

Moreover, the “Presidential Promise” assured women they would not be marginalized or endangered by transgender individuals infiltrating women’s sports, locker rooms, prisons, shelters and ladies’ bathrooms.
“My Administration will focus on affirming sex-based distinctions that protect women in every area, such as shelters, prisons, housing, healthcare, defense, education, and sports,” the pledge reads.
“I will protect the dignity of women and motherhood in all circumstances.”

Penny Nance, the CEO of Concerned Women for America, met with the 45th president last month.

“He is strong, resolute and determined to serve his nation,” she tweeted on June 9

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