Kids have it tough these days. The danger of being exposed to ubiquitous internet pornography, LGBT ideology in the classroom, the human trafficking of children, and a steep decline in morality plaguing the country right now is daunting. Sometimes it doesn’t seem like the kids have much of a chance.

Unless, of course, they come from a strong family that can protect them from evil and teach them right from wrong. A lot of kids come from good families and do have a good chance at a good life. Not so much with the Biden family. Especially Joe Biden who, after all the Hunter Biden shame and sandal, refuses to acknowledge one of his grandchildren, according to Fox News.

Biden built a career out of playing a great family man. It’s all been a lie. CNN commentator Scott Jennings said it best when he tweeted about the Biden family: “These people are monsters.”

If you’re entertaining the thought that Biden’s seventh grandchild just slipped old Joe’s mind because everything else seems to, it didn’t. It’s rehearsed.
White House aides were told that the president and first lady Jill Biden
 have six, not seven, grandchildren, two people familiar with the discussions told the New York Times. So when Biden says “I have six grandchildren,” he means it.

That’s just what he said in this clip tweeted by RNC Research: “I have six grandchildren.”

That’s not all. It’s a pattern. According to Fox, Biden has also repeatedly put up six Christmas stockings for his six grandchildren at the White House. It’s the seventh grandchild who’s left out in the cold.

Biden’s seventh grandchild, Hunter Biden’s 4-year-old estranged daughter, has been officially kicked to the curb. She’s not good enough to carry the Biden name. Why? Because the mother, one Lunden Roberts, met Hunter when she was a stripper who went by the name of Dallas, according to the U.K. Daily Mail.

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