Amidst all the proclamations of the supposed incredible decency and love of the Biden family has been a very uncomfortable reality: Joe and Jill Biden have disowned their small granddaughter.

After Hunter Biden recently settled with the mother of the child to reduce his child support payments, the situation once again found itself in the public eye. This time, things escalated further, though. Not only did the president’s son reduce his payments by a huge amount, but part of the settlement was denying his own daughter the use of his last name.

As a father, I can’t even begin to process what kind of person does something like that, but responsibility for this situation doesn’t end with Hunter Biden himself. Behind him stands two enabling parents who have openly joined him in assuring the child in question is shunned and effectively erased.

For years, Joe Biden has stated he only has six grandchildren. Some of that has been written off his senility flaring up. I suppose the excuse is that if he never sees his granddaughter, why should be expected to remember she exists?

But a new report is shedding light on just how deep the plot goes. Per two sources, reported on in The New York Times of all places, White House aides are being told specifically that the Bidens only have six grandchildren.

And then there is President Biden.

His public image is centered around his devotion to his family — including to Hunter, his only surviving son. In strategy meetings in recent years, aides have been told that the Bidens have six, not seven, grandchildren, according to two people familiar with the discussions.

The White House did not respond to questions about the case, in keeping with how officials have answered questions about the Biden family before.


I’d ask how the Bidens could possibly get away with such a directive, but then I remember they are Democrats and how that means that nothing matters. Still, what a brazen move. Not only are they disowning their granddaughter for no reason other than disgusting spite (and through no fault of the child), but they are designing an entire messaging strategy around that disowning, making sure White House aides are on the same page.

It’d be one thing if Hunter Biden were just a terrible human being going rogue. In that case, Joe and Jill Biden would be expected to back away from him and his transgressions while still seeking to be part of their granddaughter’s life. That’s exactly how my parents would respond if I put them in a similar position. They wouldn’t cease to love me, but certainly, they’d hold me to account for my behavior before disowning an innocent grandchild in support of me.

Again, the logical explanation here is that Joe and Jill Biden are just awful people. Even if there was some dictate from the mother for the Bidens to stay away from her and her child (and I believe the opposite is true), that’s still not a reason to pretend she doesn’t exist. Is this really how arrogant the president and his wife have become? That they believe they can get away with acting this way? That’s a rhetorical question at this point.

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