Hunter Biden has been battling the mother of his estranged child in court over a number of issues in recent months, including lowering monthly child support payments and whether or not the little girl can use his famous last name.

Biden fathered a child with a former DC-area stripper, Lunden Roberts, roughly four years ago, and he’s never taken the daughter as his own. In fact, he denied she was his until Roberts forced him to take a paternity test to prove he was her father.

Roberts has been attempting to get Hunter Biden to agree to allow the little girl, Navy Joan, to use his last name since 2019, but she dropped the legal proceeding recently, according to a redacted agreement filed with a court in Independence County, Arkansas, last week, according to The Western Journal.

The mother of Hunter’s child had been arguing that allowing their daughter to use his last name would open up opportunities for her, but Hunter has regularly refused. And President Joe Biden has never publicly acknowledged that he has a fifth grandchild in Navy.

The outlet reports that the child won’t get to use her father’s name but will get something much more bizarre instead:

The document also lays out that Biden will pay Roberts an undisclosed amount of money per month, in addition to providing her with a copy of his tax return annually.

As part of an agreement between Roberts and Biden, she agreed to drop a request for their daughter to change her last name to reflect she is part of the Biden family.

In exchange, the child will receive paintings from her biological father.

“Defendant additionally agrees that he shall assign to the child [REDACTED] of his paintings over the next [REDACTED] which shall vary in size with a minimum size of 24×24,” the document says.


“The child shall select the painting which shall either be sent to the child or sent to a gallery designated by Lunden Roberts. The net proceeds of any sales of paintings shall be wired to an account designated by Lunden Roberts,” the agreement continues.

Kathleen Buhle, Hunter Biden’s ex-wife, recently dished on their marriage in a tell-all memoir called, “If We Break.”

Buhle and Hunter got married back in 1993, split in 2015, and finalized their divorce in April 2017 — weeks after Hunter revealed that he was in a relationship with his late brother Beau Biden’s widow, Hallie Biden. That relationship ended in 2019, and in May 2019, Hunter wed South African filmmaker Melissa Cohen and the couple welcomed their first child together, a son named Beau, in March 2020,” People reported last year.

The book details Buhle’s side of the story regarding her divorce from Hunter Biden and how their split played out in court. The couple married in 1993 and split after around 24 years of marriage.

“In February 2017, Buhle alleged in a legal filing that her estranged ex had spent money on drugs, alcohol, prostitutes, and strip clubs. Buhle’s book doesn’t shy away from those previous disclosures; instead, it will shine a light on the heavy toll addiction can take on relationships, according to the book’s publisher,” the report stated.

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